The Spookette Knitted Pumpkin · Free Pattern

Halloween is almost upon us, sort of. I mean, we’ve got a whole month to go, but in the mind of a knitting or crochet designer it may as well be tomorrow what with all the prep involved. This Halloween I decided to keep things simple and design a very easy, very cute and very beginner-friendly knitting pattern – a pumpkin!

Instagram has been full of pumpkins recently, and my faves are always the simple ones. With this design, you don’t need ribbing or fancy stitches to make it look textured, all you need is to know how to knit in the round, and the gathering at the top of the piece gives a lovely natural look to your piece. Plus, knitting these up on XL needles gives an incredibly squishy feel that will drive you crazy. Come on Autumn, we’re ready for you…

The yarn for this project was gifted by Borgo de Pazzi & We are Knitters.

You Will Need:

· 200g (one ball each) of Borgo de Pazzi Bulky, We are Knitters The Wool or any similar super bulky yarn (5-6 wpi) 100% wool yarn in your choice of shade. You don’t have to use 100% wool but it is highly recommended as the texture and feel will be different with other compositions.

· 15mm (80cm) circular knitting needles. I used We are Knitters 15mm beechwood needles.

· A yarn needle, a stitch marker and scissors and a stick of cinnamon for the stalk.

· A bag of fiberfill stuffing (approx 100g) or leftover yarn to stuff the pumpkin.

Skills: Knitting on circular needles, knit stitch, invisible join in the round, cast on and bind off, weaving in ends.


Cast on 38 stitches, leaving a 20cm tail and join to work in the round.
Knit every stitch for 28 rounds.
Bind off all, leaving a 20cm tail.
Weave the tail end in and out of the cast on stitches and pull tight to close. Take care when pulling the yarn as it could break.
Stuff the pumpkin well until it forms the shape you like.
Weave the tail end in and out of the bind off stitches as before and pull to close.
Insert a cinnamon stick into the top of the pumpkin.

Don’t forget to share your pumpkins using the hashtag #spookettepumpkin so I can check out your makes!

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