Tutorial · Crocheted Drawer Knob Covers

Every new season I try and change up my studio and refresh it a little with colours and items that I’m planning on using for my designs – it just helps with inspiration! I find that upcycling and making subtle changes to things I already have saves money and, above all, gives me an excuse to knit or crochet some accessories that I can also share with you all!

So, let me tell you the story behind this tutorial. last year I rescued a plain pine chest of drawers from IKEA that got attacked by mould and damp (the perils of living in the wettest region in Spain!) and would probably have been chucked into a skip. I really needed that chest of drawers to stuff WIPs and finished objects in, so I had the bright idea of treating it and repainting it white, but it looked far too sterile and I’m not painter and don’t have the skills to paint beautifully trendy patterns or motifs – I destroy everything I touch with a paintbrush – so I thought it needed something else. Then I thought, “knobs!” but not in a bad way. How about crocheting some teeny cosies for the drawer knobs? It was such a simple idea but it worked a treat!

I don’t think you need to do anything particularly epic or mind-blowing or magazine-worthy to make an old item look 100% Mollie Makes (as in, cool as heck), it’d the simpe things that can really make your upcycle pop and look amazing! If you have some yarn in the shade you want, a spare ten minutes and can crochet a circle you can get on board with this fun project.

Level: Beginner

You will need:

· Depending on the amount of knobs you’d like to crochet, a varying amount of yarn in the weight of your choice. I used DMC 100% Baby Cotton in the colours 771, 752, 764 and 763 and the recommended 4mm hook. I think DK is best, but you can achieve a finer look with Sport weight, or go statement with chunky yarn which is also very quick to work up, a crochet hook in the correct size for your chosen yarn, a pair of scissors, a yarn needle and an item or furniture or object with knobs to crochet over.



· Chain stitch (ch st) , slip stitch (sl st), magic loop (optional), double crochet stitch (dc), weaving in ends.


The amount of rounds you crochet will vary depending on the size of the knob you want to cover. As you work each round, place you work over the knob to check the size and, when it fits comfortably over it with a little extra (I’d say about half an inch extra at the edge), you can stop crocheting. For example, if the knob is 3″ in size, you’ll crochet a circle that is 3.5″ in diameter. Easy, no? This means that the cover will have enough give when you attach it and won’t look too stretched out.


Take your yarn (for this tutorial I used the shade 764) and hook and ch 4 (or make a magic loop). If you worked a ch 4, sl st into the first ch to join. Ch 3 and work nine dc into the center of the circle, working over the tail end of the yarn to minimise weaving in ends later on. Sl st into the top of the first ch three to join and finish this round (10 sts). Pull the tail end of the yarn tightly to close the hole in the middle of your work.

Ch three again and work two dc into every stitch, including into the same st where you worked the ch three (see photo). Work two dc into every st around until the end. Sl st into the top of the first ch 3 as before to join (20 sts).

Ch three once more and work another into this stitch, making two dcs into the same st. Work one dc into the next st, then work two dc into the following (third) st. Continue this way working an increase st followed by one dc until, the end. Sl st to join into the top of the first ch three to join (30 sts).

I only needed to work three rounds to make the circle big enough for my knobs so this is where I stopped. If you need to make yours bigger or smaller, simply stop after one or two rounds or work more for to make it larger. To do this you should work your increases by simply working more individual dc sts between each increase (two dc) st. For example, work two dcs in the same st followed by two individual dcs, then on the next round work two dcs in the same st folllowed by three individual dcs, etc.

Now comes the fun part – putting the cover on! First we need to do a bit of prep, so break your yarn, leaving a tail of around 30cm and pull through the st to secure. Whilst you’re at it, check that the tail of yarn in the center of your circle has been pulled tight then snip this off.

Thread your yarn tail onto your yarn needle and weave it in and out of the inner ‘v’ of the outer sts.

Place over your chosen knob and pull the yarn tight to pull it in and cover it. Magic! If need be, feel free to weave the tail around once more, or simply weave it into a nearby stitch and tie a double knot. You’re all done!

At the moment the only way to remove these covers is to cut them off – sad face – but I’m working on a way of making them removable so you don’t have to destroy them! If you have any ideas about how to do this why not drop me a line?

I love to see your makes, so if you whip up your own #emmakknitty projects remember to tag me on Instagram so I can share your work!

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