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The Violeta Scarf · Free Crochet Tutorial

(The yarn used in this pattern was gifted by Rico Design)

What a long winter it’s been – is it just me? It really feels like it’s been colder than a snowman’s boobs for far too long, and even though I love the cooler weather, I am gagging to see those Spring flowers come out and enjoy some evenings in the garden.

Knitters and crocheters have an advantage though, as winter means more reasons to make things with squishy, chunky yarn! Working XXL is a fave of mine, and I was so thrilled when my friends at Rico Design reached out to me once again and asked if I’d like to try some of their yarns! I’m a big fan of Rico Design and their modern creative goods, so it was tough choosing just a few of their perfect yarns, but I decided on their statement yarn Creative XXL in ‘Natur’ and a few balls of their Essentials Big (review coming soon).

My initial idea was to make a rug, but on touching this yarn I knew it was crying out to be used as a cute oversized accessory! Rico Creative XXL is such a soft, dreamy yarn that it’s the ideal choice for scarves, cowls and blankets. I can just see a giant sweater being knitted up in this too – stunning!

Thia fab yarn comes in a huge 1kg ball, which is more than enough to make a chunky scarf, hat, blanket or pouf. In fact, the ball band has a free pattern for a cushion cover which is a bonus. I must admit that I did spend a couple of days displaying this beautiful ball in my craft studio just staring at it!

So, I’m excited to share a free pattern with you for my newest design, The Violeta Scarf, using this incredible yarn! This project is made using only Rico Design yarns, and I used a few balls of their wonderful Creative Ricorumi and Lamé yarn that I had in my stash alongside their Creative XXL.

Tiny embroidered cotton details add a delicate, pretty touch to this chunky scarf.

This scarf is the perfect combination between a modern statement scarf and delicate prettiness! Crocheted using Half Double Moss Stitch on a 25mm hook, you can work up this quick and beautiful project in a few hours. You can leave the scarf plain or embroider onto it to add a really feminine touch. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a warm and snuggly piece ready to keep you cosy through the chilly months!

You will need: One ball Rico Creative XXL in Natur, a small amount each of Rico Design Creative Ricorumi in Lilac, Mint and Rose, a small amount of Ricorumi Neon DK in Fuchsia, and a small amount of Rico Creative Lamé in Gold, a 25mm crochet hook, large-eyed yarn or tapestry needle.

You’ll Need to Know: Half Double Moss Stitch, chain stitch, weaving in ends, basic embroidery skills.

Sizing: The scarf measures 1.88m/188cm/74″ in length and is 16cm/6.5″ wide.

Notes: You can, of course, make the scarf longer or shorter if you wish. The scarf length that I chose uses 3/4 of the ball of Creative XXL which would allow for an even longer scarf! This stitch works on any even number of stitches so you can also change how wide it is.


· Ch (chain) 10 and work one hdc (half double crochet) into the fourth chain from your hook. Ch one, skip one st (stitch) and work another hdc into the following st. Continue like this until the end of the row, ending on a hdc. Chain two.

· Work one hdc into the first ch sp (chain space) and chain one, skipping the following hdc stitch. Work another hdc into the next ch sp. Continue making hdc into the spaces and chaining, skipping the hdc you made in the previous row to work this pattern. Make sure you are always ending the row by working one hdc into the final ch sp, and always ch two two start the next row.

· Follow the steps above for 52 rows (or until the scarf measures 1.88m/188cm/74″). Break yarn and pull through the final st to secure. Weave in any ends.

You can leave the scarf plain, or you can follow the tutorial below and add some delicate embroidered touches…

Thread your chosen shade through one of the stitches near the edge of your scarf.
Wrap the yarn over the stitch once…
…Twice, three times around the stitch.
Break the yarn and tie a double knot. Trim the ends as short as you can. Repeat as desired using different shades.

Here’s the finished embroidery on my scarf. I chose to only decorate the edge of one end of my scarf but it would look wonderful fully embroidered. The choice is yours!

I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! If you did let me know over on Instagram by tagging me @emmaknitty – I’d love to see your gorgeous creations!

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