The Mindful Granny Blanket CAL

In Spanish, ‘cal’ means limescale – there’s a fun fact for you! I doubt that’ll help you when you’re next on your holibobs in Magaluf. In crochet circles however ‘CAL’ (in caps) means Crochet-a-long which is far more fun and doesn’t need Calgon or Cillit Bang. I fear I may be rambling, but what I’m trying to say in a very backward way is…

I’m starting a CAL, guys!

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of CALs (and KALs for knitting). It’s such a wonderful way to bond with other crafters, get that crojo/knitjo moving and create something special that you can look back on with great memories. For my own I wanted my first CAL to represent what ‘Emmaknitty’ stands for; mindfulness and caring for your mental health, simplicity of design, sustainability and – I’m being brutally honest – projects that you don’t need to engage your brain too much with!

So, here’s the Mindful Granny Blanket CAL! I have to say that I wracked my brains for a decent name, especially one that lends itself well to that all important hashtag, but this was the best I could do. Oops. I must work on my succintness.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably come over from Instagram (Hai!) and would like to know all the details, things you’ll need, etc…

The idea

The primary purpose of this CAL is to have a project to work on that is something to look forward to, is relaxing, makes you feel calm, joyful and happy. I want everyone who takes part to love every moment that you spend creating your blanket, every colour you choose to give you a flutter of excitement, every colour transition to fill you with love and remind you of the reasons why you crochet.

I chose a simple granny square blanket because it’s something most crocheters know how to make and it’s a classic design that’s easy to adjust to any size you like.

How to make it

Working from the center out, you’ll make a standard granny square, increasing at each corner, until the blanket is as large as you want. You won’t need to weave in any ends or sew anything/crochet 2000 squares together, just crochet for as long as you like until you’re happy with the size! We’ll be using yarn scraps/yarn that you’d like to destash, working from a large ball that we’ll make by connecting all the yarn together.

The rules

· You’ll need to know how to make a simple granny square.

· You won’t need to buy any yarn or purchase any pattern to take part.

· You’ll need to use several balls of yarn in the same weight in colours you love. Spend time choosing shades that make you go “wow”, combining them in a way that really makes you happy!

· You’ll need to use yarn that’s already in your stash and of the same weight. Avoid buying yarn especially for this blanket, as it’s supposed to be a destash/sustainable project. You can use any composition you like.

· You’ll need to connect all the balls of yarn you choose using the magic knot method, then wind them all together into one large ball that you will work from.

…That’s all!

Feel free to start as soon as you like, and there’s no deadline or finishing date for this. The emphasis is on bringing people together, getting inspired, being happy and calming your mind. Oh, and using up those pesky yarn scraps.

If tou take part, please tag me @emmaknitty on Instagram and use the hashtag #MINDFULBLANKETCAL!

I really hope you love this CAL!

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