Katia Yarns · S/S ‘2022 · Sneak Peek

Yarn lovers say “HOOOO”!

I can’t remember the last time I did a yarn review, but when I first started this blog it was my goal to write one a week… And that didn’t always happen, let’s be honest! It’s nice to get back into it, and I’m kicking off this review with some of the most beautiful yarn I’ve seen in years. I’m not even exaggerating…

Sometimes you get to play with yarns that are so special and precious that you can’t even believe that they’re real. Does that sound dramatic? Probably, but I can’t wait to show you these absolute jewels of yarn that are coming to Katia during the Spring and Summer of 2022. Are you ready to be blown away?

One of the very first brands I came across after moving to this vibrant country they call Spain was the Catalán brand Katia. From basic acrylics and baby yarns to super-luxury, super-on-trend products I was fully impressed by their awe-inspiring range for the first time I entered my local yarn shop. I remember that the first yarn I tried from Katia was their classic, chunky Alaska to make a hat with and it didn’t disappoint.

When it comes to Made in Spain (or more precisely, Catalunya), I’m obsessed! I was lucky enough to live in the Barcelona area for three years, so when an opportunity came up recently to try out some unreleased yarns for Katia I was absolutely on board… Let’s take a cheeky look at some fabulous yarns that will be joining their range next year.

Katia Yarns · S/S ‘2022 · Sneak Peek

Sweet Cocoon, 50g
Gauge: 22 sts, 33 rows – 10x10cm
Composition: 65% viscose, 35% polymide
Hook and needle size: 4.5mm

This lovely, soft, tubular yarn has a superior silky feel and is the perfect vegan yarn.

What can I make with it? Try whipping up a light but cosy spring sweater for the little ones – this yarn will look exceptional with textured stitches like moss stitch, cables and fisherman’s rib – and really let the fullness of this yarn sing.

Gauge: 30 sts, 35 rows – 10x10cm
Composition: 50% cotton, 50% upcycled marine plastic
Hook and needle size: 3-3.5mm

We LOVE an eco-friendly yarn, and with 50% upcycled marine plastic, this yarn is not only beautiful to look at and work with, but beautiful for our planet, too. By purchasing and working with this yarn, you are encouraging a better way of living, with every hank containing a helping of nasty plastics that are destroying our seas.

What can I make with it? Shawls and wraps, floaty tops and anything that needs a touch of lightness and gentle colourplay.

Easy Knit Cotton, 100g
Gauge: 15 sts, 19 rows – 10x10cm
Composition: 50% cotton, 50% upcycled marine plastic
Hook and needle size: 5-6mm

Good quality chunky cottons are hard to come by, so this yarn is a real treat! With a silky feel and gentle shimmer, and with a lightness that’s also durable, this yarn will be your go-to for any modern cotton project.

What can I make with it? Placemats, textured washcloths and baby clothes will look fab. Heirloom baby blankets would come out wonderfully given the drape of this yarn.

Concept Bereber, Louvre & Marmara

Bereber, 50g.
Gauge: 34 sts, 31 rows x 10x10cm
Composition: 75% cotton, 18% viscose, 7% polyester
Hook and needle size: 3-3.5mm

Marmara, 50g

Gauge: 20 sts, 27 rows x 10x10cm
Composition: 65% cotton, 23% silk, 12% viscose
Hook and needle size: 4-4.5mm

Louvre, 50g

Gauge: 29 sts, 36 rows x 10x10cm
Composition: 3% polyester, 96% viscose, 1% polymide
Hook and needle size: 2.5-3mm

Katia’s Concept range never fails to impress and this trio of new yarns is no different! Evoking images of vintage sari, spices and exotic adventures, the colour play, speckles and shimmer in Louvre, Marmara and Bereber will inspire to to create something truly incredible. If you need some yarn to elevate your stash, these are for you.

What can I make with them? Think SPECIAL THINGS. Shawls with more shimmer than you ever thought possible, glistening seasonal decorations, magical accessories for the kids, the sky’s the limit!

Re-Tape Craft, 50g
Gauge: 17 sts, 23 rows x 10x10cm
Composition: 48% cotton, 52% polyester
Hook and needle size: 5.5-6mm

This recycled yarn is the bee’s knees. Not only does it have awesome speckles (who doesn’t love a speckle?) but it’s durable, semi-stretchy and full of fun.

What can I make with it? Try it out on statement summer clothing and even home accessories like crocheted hanging candle covers, faux-macrame projects, coasters and small trinket baskets.

United Cotton, 25g
Gauge: 19 sts, 25 rows x 10x10cm
Composition: 100% cotton
Hook and needle size: 2.5-3mm

The ball band of this cute little yarn says ‘non-stop creativity’ and it’s no joke. There’s nothing like XS yarn balls to whet your appetite as a maker, and if you love making toys, decorations, granny squares and anything that calls for smaller amounts of yarn, United Cotton’s 25g balls have you covered.

What can I make with it? Amigurumi, small home decor pieces like coasters, tassels and fringes.

Did you like looking at these yarns? Don’t forget to checkout Katia’s website and social media pages for more info on when these yarns will be released…

These yarns were gifted by Katia as part of a PR package.

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