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Yarn Review: A Chunky Yarn Special


It’s always a joy to review yarn – can you imagine if it was an actual job? – but when it’s free yarn it’s even better! One of the great things about being an ambassador for craft stores is the opportunity to get your greasy mitts on some cool yarns before anyone else, and even sample yarns of your choice. As part of LoveCrafts great July sale, myself and some other lucky makers were asked to review and try out some great yarns.

I’m going though a huge chunky phase right now (craft-wise. It ain’t Christmas yet) so I jumped at the chance to pick up some full-bodied balls!

First in my basket was Hoooked Ribbon XL Solids in colours Silver Grey & Bubblegum Pink (Buy here).

YARN INFO: Weight: Super Chunky – Needle/Hook: 8.00mm (US 11) to 12.00mm (US 17) – Composition: 80% Cotton 20% Synthetic, Ball Weight: 250g (8.8oz) – Yarn Length: 120m (131yds) – Tension: 7 stitches, rows to 10cm/4″.

This pretty ribbon yarn is very similar to t-shirt yarn but a bit less stretchy.

Grey and pink are my favourite colours for most projects, and I fell in love with the almost glittery look it’s generous yardage – 250g in each skein – which is brilliant if you’re like me and love big value, large sized balls of yarn. It’s made from recycled cotton and synthetics, so it’s a great choice for ‘green’ crafters and those of us wanting to reduce our consumer footprint.


It knits and crochets up as quick as you’d expect with a chunky yarn. I test knitted a swatch on 10mm needles and was impressed with its squish and satisfying look. It has a soft and light feel too, making it thick and chunky but also airy! That means it’s comfortable to work with during the hotter months if you still want to make chunky projects when the temperatures soar. Crocheted up it’s even better, with fabulous stitch definition and a sturdiness that makes it a great choice for making storage baskets and poufs.

If you’re an avid homeware maker and want a light but chunky alternative to tshirt yarn for your projects, look no further!

The Positives:

  • Perfect for impatient knitters – it knits up fast!
  • Breathable, with 80% cotton and a light feel.
  • Adorable, modern ball-band with ingenious plastified coating.
  • It goes a loooong way – 250g is a heck of a lot of yarn.
  • I can’t think of a better yarn for homeware.

The Negatives:

  • Recommended for homeware only. I’m not sure it would be too good for making chunky clothing or accessories.

Next up for review is James C. Brett Noodles Chunky in colours N6 & N7 (Buy here)

YARN INFO: Weight: Chunky – Needle/Hook: 6.00mm (US 10) – Composition: 100% Polyester, Ball Weight: 100g (3.5oz) – Yarn Length: 170m (186yds) – Tension: 14 stitches, 20 rows to 10cm/4″.

I’ve low-key been a fan of James C. Brett for some time, and I particularly like the fact that they’re a UK-based company.

In the past I have used their Misty DK with good results, so I was excited to try out this unusual yarn. Made from 100% polyester, it is machine washable with a strong squidge factor that makes a good choice for baby blankets, baby bibs… In fact, it is recommended for clothing too, and would look incredible worked up into an unusual and very modern-looking sweater or cardigan.

Their colour range is on the small side – hopefully they will introduce a broader palette soon – but the two shades I chose (grey and pink, obviously!) were stunning, bright and just what I was expecting. Plus, the yarn really does look like a load of noodles!

Its unique composition means that it is impossible to split and ideal for beginner knitters and crocheters and don’t get me started on that stitch definition because…. Just look.


I’m not sure what I’m going to design using this yarn, but I’m definitely going to think of something that will show off this yarn’s sponginess and depth to full effect.

The Positives:

  • Unbeatable chunky squish-factor.
  • Stitch definition from the gods and impossible to split.
  • Versatile. From homeware to babywear, this machine-washable yarn will take you places and will be hardwearing too.

The Negatives:

  • That 100% polyester composition might not be for everyone.
  • Tiny range of colours compared to other man-made fibre yarns.
  • The ball-band design is a little dated.

Have you ever tried these these yarns? Let me know on Instagram or in the comments below!

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