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Little Dot Lampshade · Craft Tutorial

Anyone who has moved house knows that choosing the right decor, furniture and accessores to make your new home complete takes a while. We moved house two years ago to our wonderful pad here in Asturias, and even though we have the bulk of everything we need, it’s still a labour of love to get it looking just right. Recently we changed up our bedroom, ditching some simple, white lampshades we had in our old flat (it was very clean, modern and cool) that totally didnt go with the rustic/modern style we have in or current home. I wasn’t too keen on just chucking these old lampshades out – I mean, HELLO! Plain white lampshades are just begging for a cheeky upcycle – so I decided to make something wonderful out of them!

If you too have some plain lampshades lying around that need a new lease of life follow my simple tutorial and you can whip up your own! The best thing of all is that you can use any yarn colours you like to match your interior – I love adding black yarn for drama – and make a totally unique piece.

You will need:

  • Several small amounts of fingering/dk/aran yarn in your chosen colours;
  • A sharp wool/yarn needle and a thinner needle to make holes;
  • A pencil and scissors.

Using a pencil, draw some rough ‘splodge’ shapes or ovals all over the lampshade. Try not to make them too neat, as the idea is to give an irregular look. Afterwards, pierce holes using the thinner needle around the outlines.

Thread your yarn of choice onto the sharp yarn needle and putline the shapes using running stitch. The yarn shown is a 100% alpaca fingering weight yarn.

Now you can “fill” the shapes using long embroidery stitches, or you could use shorter stitches if you prefer. Don’t worry too much about filling the shape exactly, as leaving a few small gaps around the edges of the shape can add an interesting effect

Continue as above using different coloured yarns until you have completed and filled all the shapes.

Display and enjoy your new, fabulous, unique, incredble lamp as you wish and please tag me on Instagram so I can check out your creations!

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