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Yarn Review · Hobbii Christmas Special


(This post is kindly sponsored by Hobbii who provided yarn support)

Don’t say it too loudly, but there’s less than a month to go until Christmas Day. That means Christmas shopping is becoming a serious possibility in the next few days, not to mention putting the tree up, decorating the house and – sorry – having to put up with piped ”festive” music in every supermarket. Altogether now, “WELL I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERY DAYYYYYY!” Do you hate me yet?

I’m a bit of a grinch to be honest (as in, I hate it when shops start putting Christmas trees everywhere in, like, October) but I do love the build up to Christmas at home and all the cosy, hygge elements that go with it. I think that being a crafter and loving everything Scandi really helps with that. Speaking of Scandi, I’m waffling, because what I’m really here to do is talk about the second collaboration I’ve done with my friends at Hobbii over in Denmark!

I really enjoyed working with them the first time around, so it’s been such a joy to design a truly special project and pattern using some of their beautiful 100% wool yarns.

Christmas Morning Slipper Socks. Poms optional, adorable knees essential.

Those of you who follow me over on Instagram will already know that I’m totally addicted to Fair Isle knitting and love nothing more than designing colourwork on graph paper. You’ll also know that I am scared of knitting socks. The idea of turning a heel and all that jazz fills me with dread and, although I’m sure it’ll be something I’ll learn eventually, I’m putting it off. That’s why it’s so good that tube socks exist!

The idea behind this pattern and collab was to design and make some heavier non-slip  slipper socks that are simple enough for advanced beginner knitters to work up as a ‘My First Fair Isle Project’ and fun for experienced knitters who want a quick festive make. Plus, these colours are so painfully on-trend that you will definitely be the snazziest person around the Christmas tree FYI.

For this project I chose Hobbii’s lovely DKs ‘Simple Wool’ and Mayflower ‘Easy Care’ which have some of the lushest colour options on the market. Seriously, I’m still drooling over that mustard and pink! Working up these yarns was a total dream as well, with the silky texture sliding effortlessly as you work, making these yarns ideal for colourwork. The quality speaks for itself.

So, I’m really pleased to share this free pattern with you all just in time for Christmas prep! They are a quick and fabulous knit that will exercise your Fair Isle skills as well as being an ideal “TV knit” – exciting enough to keep your attention but relaxing enough to be an ideal Netflix & Knit companion.

Hobbii’s ‘Simple Wool’ combined with Mayflower ‘Easy Care’ to create some truly amazing colour combinations. Check out the ‘Extras’ page to download some of my colour charts designed especially for this project.

Christmas Morning Slipper Socks

You will need:

  • One pair of 9″ circular needles OR 32″ or above circular needles for magic loop in size 2.00mm for cuff.
  • One pair 32″ circular needles for magic loop in size 4.00mm OR DPNs for body and toe decreases. You can also use a 9″ circular needle for the body section, but change to DPNs or the magic loop when decreasing for the toe section.
  • Three stitch markers, one in a different style.
  • Three balls (150g) of different colour DK weight superwash wool or wool blend yarn (I used Hobbii Happy Sheep Simple Wool in ‘Curry’ and ‘White’ and Mayflower Easy Care in ‘Cerise’)
  • One or two Fair Isle charts that you can download here.
  • Scissors, darning needle, Rico Sock Stop Latex (optional).

Level & Skills:

Advanced Beginner

You’ll need to know how to: work the long tail cast on, invisible join in the round, knit, purl, follow a Fair Isle chart, k2tog (knit two stitches together) decrease, weave in ends.

Sizes: Toddler (Child, Ladies S, M, L).  Toddler (age 2-3 – 10″ long), Child (age 3-5 – 14″ long), S (EUR sizes 35-37 – 16″ long), M (EUR sizes 37-39 – 17″ long), L (EUR size 39-41 – 18″ long).

Notes: If you find the cuff to be a bit snug around your calf, feel free to move up half a needle size until the cuff fits comfortably.

This pattern is written using inches and UK terminology.

Method (make two):

  • Using the 2.00mm needles, cast on 28 (32, 40, 44, 48) stitches (plus one extra stitch to form the invisible join) using your choice of colour one. Join in the round and place a marker to indicate the beginning of the round. Make sure this marker is different to the other markers you will use later on (a different colour, style…)
  • Knit one stitch, purl one stitch to the end of each round for 1″.
  • Change to 4.00mm needles and knit two rounds plain (knit every stitch around).
  • Using one of the supplied charts, follow the chart for the specified amount of rounds.
  • Once you’ve completed the colour chart, knit every stitch around until your piece measures 9″ (12″, 14″,  15″ 16″). Now you can change to a constrasting colour for the toe section, or stick with the same colour if you prefer.

Toe decreases:

Now you’re going to shape and decrease the toe. If you’ve been using a 9″ 4.00mm needle for the sock so far, change over to 32″ or longer needles to use the magic loop method, or DPNs.

Let’s find the halfway point of your sock. Place a marker after 14 (16, 20, 22, 24) stitches.

Now we are going to work the decreases as follows:

Each decrease round is worked as follows for all sizes: From beginning of round, k2tog, knit until three stitches before next marker, k2tog, knit 1, slip marker, k2tog, knit until three stitches before marker, k2tog, knit one* to end.

2. Between each decrease round, knit one round plain (knitting every stitch).

Follow the following method until 10 or fewer stitches remain on your needles. Break yarn and thread through the live stitches, pulling tight to close the hole. Thread through these stitches again a couple of times to secure, then weave in your ends carefully.

Wet block the socks and lay flat to dry. You can also steam block them if you prefer.

Optional: To make your slipper socks safer to wear – especialy for kids – apply some evenly spaced drops of Sock Stop on the sole. For each size, the foot measures approximately 4.5″ (5″, 7″, 8″, 9″) from the tip of the toe, so this will show you how far up the sock to apply the product.

That’s it – you’re done! Don’t forget to share your socks using the hashtag #emmaknitty over on Instagram so I can check out your wonderful makes!

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