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Yarn Review: Sweet Skein O’mine “Dirty Dancer” DK Merino/Nylon blend


It’s a wonderful day when someone gifts you yarn, especially when it’s hand-dyed and “indie”, so I was thrilled when the lovely Amanda from Sweet Skein O’mine contacted me asking if I’d like to review one of her beautiful yarns. This is the first Indie Dyer review that I’ve done as well… Hurray!

Amanda is an independent dyer and podcaster from Fredericton New Brunswick in Canada (where it can get as cold as -13º in Feburary – cheers Wikipedia) and her hand-dyed yarns are really beautiful. I’m especially fond of the names; “Up Knit Creek” and “I Squid You Not” being my favourites, and truth be told, I had been eyeing up her hanks for a good while before she kindly offered to mail me one!

Postage was surprisingly fast given that I live 4,660 km away (cheers Google), but I have just learned that we’re actually on the same latitude and it’s more of less a straight line from Fredericton to Asturias over the ocean. The more you know…

The shade I chose was “Dirty Dancer”, 100g of muted pastel yarn in DK weight (my favourite weight, FYI) that is exactly my kind of colour. Its light pink and lilac shades look stunning together, and give a wonderful, almost ombré effect when worked up. The colour really reminds me of lavender flowers, cherry blossom and is so girly and pretty – Perfect for Springtime knits!


Pictured:  Just a few of Sweet Skein O’mine’s mesmerizing array of colours…

My original plan for this yarn was to make a little bodice for a children’s summer dress, but in the end I decided on a smaller, quicker project that shows off the beauty of this yarn to full effect.

In fact, I’m in the (long) process of designing and choosing colours for a range of slouchy DK weight socks and this yarn is the ideal choice… I cast on a cuff this morning and so far I’m really impressed with the stretchiness and tact. It’s got a great amount of give on ribbing and I can see it being a great choice for childrenswear, with its softness being gentle on little ones’ skin and it having loads of stretch. I’ve chosen a very simple construction to show off the muted colours to best effect, avoiding complex stitches. I can see this yarn looking incredible as well with seed/moss stitch too, with the subtle colour changes working well with the simple structure that stitch gives.

To the touch, it’s hard to tell that there is any Nylon in this yarn, as the high percentage (75%) of Merino stands out. It’s so soft and cuddly!

Overall, I’m really impressed with this yarn and I’m definitely going to treat myself to a few hanks in the future so I can try out all the different weights that are available. In fact, Amanda has inspired me to finally get going with my podcasting – something I’ve been putting on the backburner for almost a year – as well as trying out hand-dying this Summer! It’s been an inspiring experience all round!


Pictured: Sock cuff action in full swing!


Do you fancy trying out some of this yarn for yourself?

You can visit Amanda’s Etsy store here

Follow her on Instagram here

Watch her knitting podcasts here

Are you an Indie Dyer or yarn company? Would you like me to review your yarn and write about you over on my Instagram feed? I’d love to hear from you!


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